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When you’re looking to buy a home, who do you trust to help you find the best deal possible? A real estate agent, right? While that is true, it’s also crucial to know the role each agent plays in the transaction, and who is being represented. Do you want your own agent, or someone else’s?

Don’t assume an agent is working in your best interest. Unless you have a written agency agreement in place to create a formal relationship of representation, the agent is either neutral or working in the seller’s best interests.

If you want an agent to advocate for your best interests and keep your motivation confidential, ask for “Buyer Representation.”



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 The Importance of Loan Pre Approval

When a seller is asked to consider offers for purchase, one of the more compelling considerations is whether the Buyer has been pre-approved for their loan. Sellers and Seller’s Agents can be wary of unapproved Buyers, and pre-approved Buyers usually enjoy a stronger negotiating position.

With a lender pre-approval, Buyers can house hunt confidently within their budget. This eliminates worry about qualifying issues, and prevents guessing at the wrong price and either becoming involved in a house they can’t afford, or settling for a smaller house than they needed.

Pre-approval is the solution to most home purchase headaches. Start out on the right foot and make your application today! If you are not already working with a mortgage lender, I can help you find one!


Bottom Line

If you’re ready to get started with a buyer’s agent, then contact me today to find out how I can make your home-buying experience enjoyable and effortless. Don’t stress about finding the home of your dreams; let me handle the dirty work for you so that you can focus on what matters.


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