Home Staging Tips

Whole House Staging Items

  • Remove all throw rugs (not area rugs) such as those in front of kitchen and bath sinks/toilets
  • Try to reduce visible pet items
  • Let as much natural light in as possible and remove most curtains and window treatments. This is hard to believe but it will allow your home to photograph and show better.
  • Remove any personal boards from walls such as bulletin boards or child behavior charts, etc.
  • Remove personal items like pictures of family, diplomas, trophies etc. 
  • Remove any paperwork with personal identification information
  • Remove all team specific sports decoration items
  • Remove all religious items
  • Remove anything that identifies with a specific culture
  • Remove any animal wall trophies (antlers, heads, etc)
  • Remove firearms and other weapons from the home
  • Remove any free-standing coat racks
  • Remove extra art or pictures on the walls, try to limit to 1 per room or 1 group per room
  • Remove extra televisions that are around the house, only have one or two in main living areas
  • Rearrange furniture to improve traffic flow through the house
  • Remove any extra furniture that is not needed to make the house look larger
  • Wall art should be hung at eye level for a 5’7 person
  • Consider decorative mirrors to make rooms look larger instead of wall art
  • Group decor items into groups of 3 with varying heights or styles
  • Consider adding plants into rooms that are dull or boring



  • Remove everything from kitchen counter tops- small appliances such as toasters and coffee makers, containers, paper towel holders etc. The goal is to show as much of the counter tops as possible.
  • In a corner, you can add a piece such as a decorative plate or flowers in a vase to show depth and bring some color into the space. A single decorative can also work on the island.
  • Consider replacing your cabinet hardware with new stylish brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze depending on your decor
  • Clear refrigerator front and sides of magnets, calendars or other items.
  • If your cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling, remove anything your store or decorate from the tops of the cabinets or plate rails.
  • Consider adding additional accent or task lighting under top cabinets. 
  • Organize and reduce kitchen pantry, closet, and cabinet contents.. Ensure open bags have clips, face items forward and use baskets or storage containers for loose items.


  • Give your bathroom a spa feel. Decorate with candles and new bar soaps along with a couple accessories
  • Replace shower curtain and liners with new white ones, or eliminate if possible. 
  • Only keep in the shower what is essential (shampoo, conditioner and bar of soap) remove everything else
  • Clear counter tops of everyday products like toothbrushes, razors, q-tips, etc.
  • Remove extra towels, only have 1 or 2 on display and preferably freshly washed ones
  • Hide any cleaning items, especially toilet bowl brushes


  • Declutter, remove as many items as possible from the floor and furniture
  • If a kids room, remove as many toys as possible
  • Make all beds
  • Remove as much from the walls as possible, especially anything that does not match the comforter
  • Remove any extra furniture that is not needed to make the room look larger

Living Room 

  • Take down all personal photographs and family items that show people this is your house and not their house. You want buyers imagining themselves living in your home.
  • Remove as many knick-knacks and decorations as possible.
  • Consider a couple new decorative throw pillows to add some color to the room.
  • Drape a soft decorative throw blanket over one side of the couch.
  • Hide all remote controls, magazines, and other daily items.
  • Create a focal point in the room to draw the buyers eyes to. Use a colorful object near the focal point and place the couch facing it.

Hallways, Closets, and Shelves

  • Remove items from shelves so a maximum of 2/3 of space is used
  • For rows of decorative shelving, place taller books on lower shelves and shorter books on higher shelves. Also, stack some books on their sides and place a few decorative objects that match the books on top of the stacks
  • Remove any religious, political, sports teams, self-help and other items that express an opinion the buyers may not agree with
  • Remove as many items from closets as you can to show them off as spacious and have enough storage space for the new buyers
  • Remove items from the floor
  • Follow the retail merchandising concept called “facing” where you position all items in closets so that they face forwards or hung in the same direction
  • Group similar items together. Winter coats together, pants together, shirts together, etc. Make the closet look extremely organized
  • Organize loose items into baskets or storage containers
  • For coats use wooden hangers
  • For large hallways hang a large picture or group of 3 pictures together

Home Office

  • Remove any big and bulky filing cabinets that take up a lot of space and store them somewhere else to make the office look larger and more appealing
  • Clean everything off your desk surface leaving only computer (password-protected) and lamp. 
  • Declutter or remove bulletin boards or wall organizers. You can leave a few things but don’t have it looking overcrowded.
  • If you home office is not a dedicated room consider taking it down and making the room to serve its main purpose.


  • Put everything you removed from the garage back in an orderly fashion
  • Store unnecessary items in storage or throw out anything that you can get rid of
  • Consider organizing all of your tools to present how well you take care of the things that take care of your house


  • If your basement is finished, follow the staging items for the equivalent room above
  • Make sure your basement has plenty of lighting and doesn’t give off a dark and creepy feeling when buyers are down there
  • Store as much as you can in moving boxes or plastic storage bins to make your basement look neat and orderly. If storing items on shelves, keep the top shelf that is closest to the ceiling free from a lot of clutter because it will make the basement look cramped